The Surf Band

Brett Burleson - guitars
Jim Castoe - drumset
Pete Linzel - tenor saxophone
Larry Marotta - guitars
Steve Perakis - bass

Our Columbus Premier:
  • Friday March 3, 2006 at Blues Station in Arena District, Columbus
    Tom Boyer opens and CLAYTON headline

    Porterhouse - Featuring former Ronald Koal & The Trillionairs, Trouser Pilots, Squids, Alligators, Andy G & the Roller Kings, Beetkeepers, The Dantes, The DeMarcos, The Great Plains, Los Primos, New Basics Brass Band, NUDE, Raunch Hands, Rayzer, Schramms, Warsaw Falcons w/ Bobby Keyes, and current members of The Bygones, Chief Johhny Lonesome Band, Honk, Wail & Moan, Men Of Leisure, Schtick, Sean Carney Band and more.

    Samples of some tunes - written by Larry Marotta:
  • Bar-Be-Que  Real Audio
  • Big Texas  Real Audio
  • Popper  Real Audio

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